Dimethyl Fluoromalonate In-depth Market Research Analysis

Brief introduction to dimethyl fluoromalonate

Dimethyl fluoromalonate (CAS 344-14-9) is an important chemical intermediate, broadly applied in pharmaceutical, agrochemical, dyestuff, new materials, and other industries. Usually called dimethyl 2-fluoromalonate, dimethyl fluoromalonate is also called Fluoromalonic acid dimethyl ester or dimethyl 2-fluoropropanedioate in academic documents. Its molecular formula is C5H7F04 and its structurual formula is CHF (COOCH3)2.

Dimethyl fluoromalonate is usually mentioned with Diethyl fluoromalonate . While Diethyl fluoromalonate is colorless transparent liquid, Dimethyl fluoromalonate under higher temperature is light yellow liquid. Molecular formula of Diethyl fluoromalonate is C7H11FO4, and the structural formula is CHF (COOCH2CH3)2. Its synonym is Fluoromalonic acid di¬ethyl ester and the CAS number is 685-88-1. Its molecular weight is 178.16, with a boiling point of 121〜122℃/30mmHg and flash point of 62℃. Regarding the density of Dimethyl fluoromalonate, it varies with the form of the product. Therefore, it is inacurate to define the density by 1.1290g/cm3 or 1.211 g/cm3 as some websites do.

Physical and chemical properties of Dimethyl fluoromalonate


Product name: Dimethyl fluoromalonate Synonym: Fluoromalonic acid dimethyl ester
CAS No.: 344-14-9
Molecular formula: C5H7FO4
Molecular weight: 150.11
Boiling point: 76 °C
Reflective rate: 1.4032
Flash point: 111-112°C/45mm
BRN: 1768414
logP: -0.32950
PSA: 52.6

Quite some of our customers are confusing Dimethyl fluoromalonate with Dimethyl malonate, Dimethyl Difluoromalonate, or Diethyl fluoromalonate. We are listing their comparisons below:

Dimethyl Fluoromalonate VS Dimethyl Difluoromalonate

They are totally different products, with different CAS numbers, chemical formulas, etc. Please see below for basic information of dimethyl difluoropropanedioate:

Product name: dimethyl difluoropropanedioate
Synonym: dimethyl 2,2-difluoropropanedioate
CAS No.: 379-95-3
Molecular formula: C5H6O4F2
Molecular weight: 168.09554
Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid.
Boiling point: 169 °C (lit.)
Density: 1.3 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.)

Dimethyl Fluoromalonate VS Dimethyl malonate

dimethyl fluoromalonate dimethyl malonate

CAS number of Dimethyl malonate is 108-59-8. It is normally colorless transparent liquid with aromatic odor. Dimethyl malonate is a significant malonic ester compound. It can be involved in various kinds of chemical reactions, meaning that it is a widely applied organic synthetic intermediate. It is an important raw material for the synthesis of medicine, agrochemicals, spices, dyestuff, antioxidant, light stabilizer, anti crease finishing agent, bauxite flotation desilication chelating collector, hydrazine nitrate (the highly efficient oxidation) and other fine chemicals. As will be mentioned later, some production process of dimethyl fluoromalonate may involve dimethyl malonate.

In comparison, fluoro pharmaceutical intermediates are characterized with high efficiency, broad spectrum, low toxicity, low residue, and so on. Its market prospect is quite broad. So far, fluoro chemicals are largely involved in all kinds of pharmaceutical compounds synthesis processes as raw materials or intermediates. As a new type of fluoro intermediate, Dimethyl Fluoromalonate has potentials in the applications of agrochemicals, drugs, materials, atomic energy, aerospace, etc. Fluoro chemicals such as Dimethyl Fluoromalonate are drawing more and more attention from industries such as biological engineering and science due to its particular physiological activity and high selectivity. Due to the same properties, application rate of fluoro agrochemicals can be reduced, as well as the pollution on the environment.

Dimethyl Fluoromalonate VS Diethyl Fluoromalonate

Diethyl fluoromalonate and Dimethyl fluoromalonate

Both products are the main sellers of Banff Green Technologies, Inc. They share almost the same applications. However, dimethyl fluoromalonate has broader applications and higher biological activity and output coefficiency. We hereby strongly recommend Dimethyl Fluoromalonate. Its molecular weight 150.1 is smaller than that of diethyl fluoromalonate (178.16), which means that the molecular numbers of Dimethyl fluoromalonate in a unit weight is more than that of diethyl fluoromalonate by 12%.

Applications of Dimethyl Fluoromalonate

Dimethyl Fluoromalonate can be applied in the synthesis of many other pharmaceutical intermediates, agrochemical intermediates, fluoro chemical raw materials, and so on.

To synthesize enzyme inhibitor containing CH2F radicals

With the catalysis of p-Toluenesulfonic acid, and the involvement of benzyl alcohol, organic carboxylic acid, and other chemicals, after a series of ester exchange reactions, hydrolysis, hydrogenation, etc., chemical compounds with enzyme inhibiting properties will be yielded.

To synthesize fluoro polymer raw materials

Dimethyl fluoromalonate reacting with formaldehyde solvent, then get the raw materials for fluoro polymer through hydrolysis, ammoniation, acylation, and esterification.

To synthesize amino acids

Various amino acids can be synthesized with dimethyl fluoromalonate as raw material.

Dimethyl Fluoromalonate can also applied to synthesize sedatives. It is more and more acknowledged by companies and experts in the fields of new energy and new materials.

Main specifications of Dimethyl Fluoromalonate

We have 3 main specifications of Dimethyl Fluoromalonate, i.e. 97%, 98%, and 99%. We can satisfy stricter requirements on single impurities by order. There are products of purity 80%, 89%, 90%, and 95% available in the market, but they have been eliminated by customers. The lowest purity of our product is 97%, and our cost is competitively low. You are welcome to contact us for inquiries.

Quality standards of Dimethyl Fluoromalonate

Currently there is no national standard for Dimethyl Fluoromalonate, and there is no standard available abroad either. Therefore, references are based on the internal standards formulated by manufacturers. The tested items include appearance, purity, water content, and other regular items. If you need detailed information regarding main technical index of Dimethyl Fluoromalonate, such as COA, please contact our sales department.

Safety of Dimethyl Fluoromalonate

Dimethyl Fluoromalonate is not explosive. Closed flash point test showed that there is no flashover under 70℃, indicating that Dimethyl Fluoromalonate does not belong to Group III inflammable liquid, neither does it belong to oxidant, organic peroxide, toxic or contaminant subject, and there is no radiological hazard relating to this product. According to the Certification for Safe Transport of Chemical Goods issued by Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry, Dimethyl Fluoromalonate is slightly corrosive, belonging to Group VIII dangerous goods. Group II or III packaging is required for export. The detailed material safety data are listed below:


Dimethyl Fluoromalonate Material Safety Data

Risk Phrases


Packing classification


Hazard Class


UN Number

UN 3265 8/PG 2

WGK Germany


Safety Statement

S26-S36/37/39-S45-S23 2636/37/3945



Hazard Symbols

T; C

HS Code


Should you need the MSDS or more detailed safety data, please send inquiry to our technical support department.

Storage and package of Dimethyl Fluoromalonate

dimethyl fluoromalonate packing

Bulk Dimethyl Fluoromalonate is packed in 200kg plastic drums. Samples are packed in 1L (weighed 1kg) fluoro bottles.

Due to the low freezing point of Dimethyl Fluoromalonate, the product should be sealed with room in the container in case the volumn of the product will be changed after frozen. The product should be kept under low temperature as colorless solid. However, the property of the product is quite stable. There won’t be any chemical change with proper preservation.

Before application, please indirectly heat the product to over 35oC, or directly heat the product with heat source under 50oC and melt to liquid for regular application. If test the product in the state of solid-liquid mixture, the purity of the liquid will be much lower than the purity of the throughly melted product. Therefore, please test the sample after it is throughly melted and evenly stirred.

Historic development of Dimethyl Fluoromalonate

Research on Dimethyl Fluoromalonate started only from a little bit longer than a decade ago. Hardly any useful patent and other documents could be searched regarding Dimethyl Fluoromalonate. Bulk production of the product started in 2012 when Banff Green Technologies, Inc. began to manufacture Dimethyl Fluoromalonate by the newest green process. Banff Green Technologies, Inc. is the first in China and even in the world or maybe the only bulk manufacturer of Dimethyl Fluoromalonate. The history of Dimethyl Fluoromalonate is made by Banff Green Technologies, Inc.!

Price of Dimethyl Fluoromalonate

Our pricing of Dimethyl Fluoromalonate is made in grades. The prices for bulk purchase such as 10, 50, and 100 MT are very low. Relatively, the price for small quantity such as 1kg is high. The difference could be by times. In a word, prices are closely related to quantities.

At the same time, there is another factor greatly affecting the price, namely, specification. As aforesaid, there are 3 specifications for our Dimethyl Fluoromalonate, i.e. 97%, 98%, and 99%. The price of each specification is different from others. Prices rise with the specification.

Profession degree of the customer will also affect the price. We regularly quote by email, and our quotation is based on the profession degree of the customer. A detailed inquiry should contain company name, quantity, specification, and must be sent by business email. We will offer the best quotation to such an inquiry. However, some customer are so unprofessional by sending inquiry with free email such as 163, 126, and qq, with the content as simple as “what’s the price for Dimethyl Fluoromalonate” without company name or phone number. We won’t be able to quote for inquiries like this.

Currently, Banff Green Technologies, Inc. has 30 MT Dimethyl Fluoromalonate in stock. You are welcome to send inquiries. With detailed info such as purity and specification, you will get a satisfying quotation.

Methods to synthesize Dimethyl Fluoromalonate

What are the methods to synthesize Dimethyl Fluoromalonate? They are mostly applicable only theoretically. There are totally 12 methods mentioned in documents to synthesize Dimethyl Fluoromalonate. The methods below are usually applied in labs:

By alcoholysis of tetrafluopropanate ester

Under low temperature, hexafluoropropylene etherify with alcohol sodium and get almost definite quantity of 1,1,2,3,3,3-Hexafluoropropyl methyl ether. Eliminate HF by hydrolysis with sulfuric acid and get Methyl 2,2,3,3-tetrafluoropropionate. Eliminate HF again with alcoholysis and get the original ether, and get Dimethyl Fluoromalonate by hydrolysis with acid. The yield is as low as 71% by this method.

By alcoholysis of 2-Bromoperfluoropropanenitrile

After aminolysis of hexafluoropropylene, elimination of HF, and hydrolysis, Dimethyl Fluoromalonate is yielded. The yield is 92%. Other methods include condensation of ethyl fluoroacetate and ethyl chloroformate, addition reaction of methoxy anion and trifluoro benzyladenine, thermal decomposition of fluoro diethyl oxalacetate, and Lu interchange of chloro-carbonic acid diethylester. Despite some aforementioned method guarantees the yileld somewhat, they contain potential safety hazard and environment pressures due to the involvement of HF and Et3N as fluoro reagent. Some of them have strict requirements on the equipment and special protection measures. What’s more, high purity of Dimethyl Fluoromalonate can’t be received even after refinery. Therefore, none of the the methods mentioned above is feasible for the industrialized production of Dimethyl Fluoromalonate.

Banff Green Technologies, Inc. adopts the newest patented production procedure, which is green and environment friendly. Dimethyl Fluoromalonate manufactured therefrom can reach the purity of 99%. With moderate reaction conditions, simple handling, and low cost, bulk production is realized.

Production state of Dimethyl Fluoromalonate As a new product, Dimethyl Fluoromalonate is researched for only a decade. Most of the product is synthesized and sold by reagent companies in mg and g grades.

Banff Green Technologies, Inc. changed this situation. The current bulk manufacture began in 2012. Dimethyl Fluoromalonate perfectly replaces Diethyl Fluoromalonate by higher efficiency and broader applications. The information online are all created and organized by Banff Green Technologies, Inc. We are pleased to share and will continue to update the R & D dynamics. Produce Dimethyl Fluoromalonate and spread the accurate and complete info regarding it is considered our responsibility.

Market prospect of Dimethyl Fluoromalonate

As the replacement of Diethyl Fluoromalonate, Dimethyl Fluoromalonate shares the same market with it. With the expiration of the fungicide produced by Bayer, more and more agrochemical companies are initiating new fungicide production projects, and this promotes the demand for Diethyl Fluoromalonate. More importantly, Dimethyl Fluoromalonate has broader applications than Diethyl Fluoromalonate. Now while the market of Diethyl Fluoromalonate is heating up, that of Dimethyl Fluoromalonate is even more inspiring.