Diethyl Fluoromalonate In-depth Market Research Report

Banff Green Technologies, Inc. (BGT) is literally the largest diethyl fluoromalonate manufacturer in China. Our annual production capacity is 300 MT, and the specification can reach 99%. We are reliable on both product quality and quantity. Recently, we found that many traders and API manufacturers who inquired about the product actually knew little about it, and the information available regarding the product is limited. As the most professional manufacturer of diethyl fluoromalonate, BGT is obligated to share the general info of the product with our customers. Brief introduction of Diethyl Fluoromalonate Diethyl Fluoromalonate, CAS No. 685-88-1, is more frequently called Diethyl 2-fluoromalonate in patent documents. Should you need more detailed info about the product, please refer to diethyl fluoromalonate product page.

Physical and chemical properties of Diethyl Fluoromalonate

Bulk diethyl fluoromalonate manufacturer in China

Product name: Diethyl fluoromalonate
CAS#: 685-88-1
EINECS No.: 211-684-7
Molecular formula: C7H11FO4
Molecular weight: 178.16
Specification: 97%, 98%, 99%
Boiling point: 121-122℃ at 30mmHg (lit.)
Density: 1.129 g/mL at 25 ℃ (lit.)
Package: 200kg/drum
Reflection rate: n20/D 1.407 (lit.)
Flash point: 144 °F
Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid
Related product: Dimethyl fluoromalonate/Dimethyl 2-fluoromalonate

Diethyl fluoromalonate applications

Diethyl fluoromalonate is usually applied as pharmaceutical intermediate, agrochemical intermediate, dyestuff intermediate, and so on. Its end products are too diversified to be listed completely. Presently, it is also applied in fields of liquid crystal materials, OLED materials, communication materials, biological medicine, new energy, etc.

Main specifications of diethyl fluoromalonate

Currently, the specifications of diethyl fluoromalonate available in market cover 80%, 89%, 90%, 93%, 95%, 97%, 98%, and 99%. Adopting the most advanced green chemical engineering production process, BGT is capable of manufacturing diethyl fluoromalonate with 97% as the lowest purity, and our regular product purity is 98%, and the highest purity is >99%. If you have special requirements with the specification, we can product according to the index you provide.

Diethyl fluoromalonate quality standards

There is no uniform national standards for diethyl fluoromalonate. We usually refer to the corporation standards and internal test standards for the purpose. The test items include appearance, purity, water content, and others. Should you need more specific technical index regarding diethyl fluoromalonate, i.e. COA, please directly contact our sales personnel.

Safety of diethyl fluoromalonate

Diethyl fluoromalonate is identified is dangerous good (classification VIII) by Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry Testing Centre, or SRICI. It is slightly corrosive. For now, almost all chemical products, especially liquid, are identified as dangerous goods. This is understandable in the era of increasing safety protection consciousness. According to the analysis of experts in SRICI, the corrosiveness of diethyl fluoromalonate is similar to the edible vinegar in our kitchens. However, as long as it is identified officially as corrosive, diethyl fluoromalonate exporters have to get necessary documents for export in the original name. If there is any need for the safety materials and export document requirements, please feel free to ask for them via email.

Please see below for the safety index of diethyl fluoromalonate:

Diethyl fluoromalonate safety data

Hazard statement


Warming statement

P280; P305 + P351 + P338; P310

Packing class


Danger classification


UN number

UN 3265 8/PG 2

WGK Germany


Risk phrase


Safety statement




Hazard symbol


HS code


certification for safe transfport of chemical goods

Diethyl fluoromalonate package

Diethyl fluoromalonate is liquid at room temperature, and it is identified as slightly corrosive, so it is suggested to be packed in Packing Group III, which stands for low degree of hazard. According to some experts, packing group II is recommended for higher degree of safety. BGT normally pack and ship the product in 200kg plastic drums or HDPE drums. For smaller quantities, we usually pack them in 1L fluoride bottle. In order for more customers to test our product, we have prepared a number of 100g samples. You are welcome to inquire about them.

bulk diethyl fluoromalonate package

diethyl fluoromalonate sample package

Storage of diethyl fluoromalonate

Diethyl fluoromalonate stays colorless transparent liquid at room temperature. It is stable, so there is no special matters needing attention, except that it should be kept in sealed containers away from heat, direct light, and humidity.

HS code of diethyl fluoromalonate

diethyl fluoromalonate HS code

Recently, many Chinese traders and exporters have been asking about the HS code of diethyl fluoromalonate. It is hard to find because there is very few genuine manufacturer of diethyl fluoromalonate. As an exception, we are glad to confirm for them that the HS code of diethyl fluoromalonate is 29171990.

One thing to be noticed is that HS code is not as unique as CAS No. HS code stands for a classification of goods with analogous structures and functions. Sometimes a product can be classified in different groups, leading to that a product may be exported with different HS code and export rebate. After checking the import and export data of Indian customs, we found that some company classified diethyl fluoromalonate under HS CODE 29420090. Despite that, the more popular export data show that HS code of diethyl fluoromalonate is 29171990, and the export rebate is 9%.

Diethyl fluoromalonate VS Dimethyl fluoromalonate


Diethyl Fluoromalonate

Dimethyl Fluoromalonate


Diethyl 2-Fluoromalonate

Dimethyl 2-Fluoromalonate







Molecular formula



Molecular weight




97%98%, (99% could be ordered)



1.129 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.)


Boiling point

121-122 °C30 mm Hg (lit.)

76 °C

Both diethyl fluoromalonate and dimethyl fluoromalonate are main products of BGT. Their main applications are almost the same ,while dimethyl fluoromalonate has broader applications and higher biological activity as well as output coefficiency. Besides, the molecular weight of dimethyl fluoromalonate is 150.1, lower than that of diethyl fluoromalonate (178.16), namely, the molecular number of dimethyl fluoromalonate is more than that of diethyl fluoromalonate by approximately 12% in a unit weight.

comparison of diethyl fluoromalonate dimethyl fluoromalonate

Diethyl fluoromalonate profiles in history

Diethyl fluoromalonate does not exist in the nature. It can only be gained by synthesis. The earliest record of the synthesis of diethyl fluoromalonate is dated back to 1960. At that time diethyl fluoromalonate was synthesized by carbonyl process. However, the yield was as low as 34%, and the raw materials were very hard to get. There had been no progress with the research of diethyl fluoromalonate until two decades later. In 1982, scholars synthesized diethyl fluoromalonate by esterification with the yield of around 70%. Two years later, other scholars upgraded the raw materials and improved the yield to 85%. In 1990s, a large number of chemical methods started to be applied in the synthesis of diethyl fluoromalonate. The main methods include Pyrolysis method and Fluoro method. For more detailed introduction of the development of diethyl fluoromalonate production process, please refer to diethyl fluoromalonate manufacturing methods analysis.

Upstream raw materials of diethyl fluoromalonate

There are over a dozen of ways to synthesize diethyl fluoromalonate, and each way involves different raw materials. Therefore, upstream raw materials are determined speficically by situation. Common synthetic methods are related to raw materials such as diethyl malonate and diethyl chloromalonate. Nevertheless, adopting a most advanced production process, BGT are using raw materials different from the above mentioned.

Downstream products of diethyl fluoromalonate

In spite of different upstream materials, the downstream products of diethyl fluoromalonate are basically the same, including various intermediates. To synthesize Bayer’s fungicide, there are 4-5 steps to produce different intermediates, which all rely on diethyl fluoromalonate or dimethyl fluoromalonate as the starting material.

Diethyl fluoromalonate prices

There are many factors, such as specification, quantity, stock, raw material supply, infecting the price of diethyl fluoromalonate. There are 3 main specifications of BGT’s diethyl fluoromalonate, 97%, 98%, and 99%. Theoretically, the price is higher for higher specification. Of course, there is a big gap between the price of, for instance, 1kg and that of 1MT. Currently, we have 30 MT of diethyl fluoromalonate in stock, and we are capable of providing the most competitive prices.

Synthetic methods of diethyl fluoromalonate

There are quite some discussions on the synthetic methods of diethyl fluoromalonate. Please refer to our article Comparison between the methods of Diethyl Fluoromalonate production.  According to the documents, the mainstream production process of diethyl fluoromalonate include carbonyl process, esterification, pyrolysis method, fluoro method, etc. Production processes vary with time. Presently, many reagent companies chloridize diethyl malonate to get diethyl chloromalonate, and then fluoridize diethyl chloromalonate with hydrofluoric acid to get diethyl fluoromalonate. However, using HF or Et3N as fluoro reagent, there is great safety hidden danger, as well as posing tremendous pressures on the environment. What’s more, the diethyl fluoromalonate produced therefrom cannot be purified further. As a result, the method is not feasible for bulk production. It is only applied in labs for small quantity synthesis and scientific research.

By contrast, BGT adopts the most advanced environment-friendly production process. We are capable of production under regular temperature and pressure, and the purity is higher than 98%. Our handling procedure is simple and the cost is low, therefore it is subject to bulk production. Our currently production capacity is 300MT annually and there is bulk stock. Customers are welcome to contact us.

Present production situation of diethyl fluoromalonate

Most diethyl fluoromalonate sellers available online are reagent companies, traders, or intermediary business. Customers have been complaining about the difficulties to find genuine diethyl fluoromalonate manufacturers. Some companies only post the product on their websites without really having the stock, some make unreasonably high quotation, and some cannot guarantee the quality. Upon serious analysis, we are confident to claim that we are the only bulk manufacturer of diethyl fluoromalonate. Moreover, we are a focusing manufacturer, with fewer than 10 products on production lines all over the year. Production capacity and quantity of most of our products are over 100 or even 1000 MT. We are guaranteed with cost advantage and quality by bulk production.

Latest updated scientific research trends of diethyl fluoromalonate

As a relatively new intermediate, diethyl fluoromalonate has entered the market for shorter than a decade, and the research data stayed in 20 years ago. There are few papers updated recently. In contrast, with the upgrade of technologies in recent years, diethyl fluoromalonate has drawn more and more attention in electronics and materials fields. BGT will continuously pay attention to the newest dynamics of diethyl fluoromalonate and dimethyl fluoromalonate series intermediates and provide the most updated first-handed documents to our customers and researchers.

Diethyl fluoromalonate manufacturers

As the only ton-grade manufacturer of diethyl fluoromalonate in China, BGT is capable of providing diethyl fluoromalonate with high specifications, covering 97% to 99%. We can further produce the product with harsher technical and quality index according to our customers’ requirements. We rely on green technologies to manufacture diethyl fluoromalonate. Our production process is environment friendly and pollution free. Our international market occupancy is higher than 95%. We can provide paid or free samples to new customers for test. If there is any technical problem, we will provide one-stop service.

Diethyl fluoromalonate market prospect

With the Bayer fungicide patent expired globally, more and more agrochemical companies have been initiating new fungicide production projects. This has stimulated the need for diethyl fluoromalonate. In the foreseeable future, agrochemical will remain the main supplying end for diethyl fluoromalonate. With the emerging of new technolgies and applications, diethyl fluoromalonate will be applied in more industries. The increasing market demand will expand the production capacity of diethyl fluoromalonate, and this will reduce the price. Lowered price will push more companies and industries to use diethyl fluoromalonate as raw material. The virtuous cycle presents us a promising market prospect for diethyl fluoromalonate.