D-p-Methyl sulfone phenyl ethyl serinate

D-p-Methyl sulfone phenyl ethyl serinate

CAS No. [36983-12-7]



Other names

D-ethyl ester, D-p-Methyl-sulfino phenyl ethyl serinate, D-threo-beta-Methylsulfonylphenylserine ethyl ester,(b-S)-b-Hydroxy-4-(methylsulfonyl)-D-phenylalanine Ethyl Ester, D-4-methylsulfonylphenyl serine ethyl ester, D-threo-p-MPSE, (βS)-β-Hydroxy-4-(me

Molecular formulaC12H17NO5S

Molecular weight287.33

Specification Assay99%


Appearance/colorWhite or almost white powder; odorless

Package25Kg/bag ; provide tailored package on request

Production scale 2000 MT/year


Solubility: soluble in DMF, practically insoluble in water.

Density: 1.31g/cm3

Melting Point: 129-133.0℃

Boiling Point: 514.95 °Cat 760 mmHg

Flash Point: 265.233 °C

Specific rotation: ≧14.0°

Optical rotation: +14.00-+16.00

EINECS: 230-808-0

Production Capacity: 2000 MT/year

Specification :In-house specification

Packaging size :25Kg/bag ; provide tailored package on request

Type: Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Application: Fine Chemical Intermediate

What is D-p-Methyl sulfone phenyl ethyl serinate?

D-p-Methyl sulfone phenyl ethyl serinate(CAS 36983-12-7) is synthesized from 4-Methylsulphonyl benzaldehyde. As the key and initial intermediate for the synthesis of Florfenicol and Thiamphenicol, antibiotics for animals, the quality of D-p-Methyl sulfone phenyl ethyl serinate directly affects the yield and quality of Florfenicol and Thiamphenicol. On the other hand, the broad application of Florfenicol and Thiamphenicol has promoted the market demand for D-p-Methyl sulfone phenyl ethyl serinate.

Florfenicol was developed by Schering-Plough Animal Health in 1988, a novel, broad-spectrum antibiotic mainly used in veterinary medicine. As a fluorinated synthetic analog of thiamphenicol, florfenicol first came to the market in Japan in 1990 for the aquaculture industry with the commodity name of Aguafen. However, at present, Nuflor is the most popular brand name of florfenicol on the market.

In the florfenicol patent titled “Process for preparing intermediates to florfenicol”, D-p-Methyl sulfone phenyl ethyl serinate was first mentioned. However, it is referred to D-Threo p-methylsulfonyl phenyl serine ethyl ester in the patent. Some pubmed documents also name it the D-threo form of p-methylsulfonylphenyl serine ethyl ester (MPSE). In China, manufacturers and suppliers mainly use the name D-p-Methyl sulfone phenyl ethyl serinate in most web pages, literatures, books,etc. Although it has many names, it has the unique CAS number 36983-12-7.

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